RETURNING Summer Missionary Applicant

Missionary roles require a foundation of Biblical knowledge to teach and mentor campers in the understanding of the Gospel and the basics of the Christian faith. As a requirement for these roles applicants will be asked to demonstrate an understanding of these core beliefs through the additional application material, as well as signing One Hope Canada's Statement of Affirmation.

If this doesn't seem like what you're looking for, consider joining the Support Team.

We'd still love to have you apply!  

[RETURNING missionaries are those who have been a summer missionary here within the past two summers]

+ + +

Hi again!  Thanks for your involvement at Hope Bay in the past!

We're stoked that you'd like to join the team again!

Please send us a quick note to let us know that you've begun the application process.  

We want to help you along the way however we can.

Below you'll find the steps to take as you apply, and the steps that we'll take to follow up with you.


Your Steps

1. Complete the online 2022 RETURNING Summer Missionary Application Form.

2. Distribute one Adult Reference Form for your reference to complete and submit.* 

  • This reference should be someone who has had a mentorship role in your life and invested in you. 
  • S/he could be a youth pastor, pastor, or teacher; not a family member.
  • Note that until your references have submitted their forms to us, we cannot hire you, so choose references who will represent you well, and who will submit the forms quickly.

3. Complete your RCMP Criminal Record Check.  

  • Visit your local police station and tell them you’re volunteering at a summer camp and need a criminal record check. Usually there is no cost for volunteer positions. You may also print this cover letter to bring with you.  
  • There will be forms to fill out, and then you will return a few days later to pick up the completed record check, and submit it to HBBC.*

4. Print, read, sign, and submit* the Statement of Affirmation of One Hope Canada.

  • This will be emailed to you once the above steps have been completed.

+ + +

*All forms can be submitted by email or mail.


Mailing Address:

Hope Bay Bible Camp

4302 Bedwell Harbour Rd,

Pender Island, BC

V0N 2M1

Our Steps

Once the above steps are completed, our leadership staff will:

1. Conduct a Follow-up Interview with you by phone or in-person.

2. Give confirmation (if applicable).

3. Send you a link to complete our 'In Safe Hands' training online. 

  • for those who cannot attend in-person I.S.H. training during our Team Training week.
  • 'In Safe Hands' is our commitment to safety for our staff and campers.  All staff and volunteers are required to complete and keep up-to-date on the training and policies. 

We'll be in touch with you!

More Questions?

Contact us to learn more about what it looks like to serve here at HBBC!


We know that you're hard-working, and have sacrificed a lot to serve at Camp this summer. We want to help you make the most of your time here, and still earn the funds you need for your next season. In addition to HBBC's Volunteer Bursary Fund, there is another great way for you to finance your season here and beyond:

Summer Missionary Assistance Program

SMAP is a program that helps you gather people to partner with you in your summer ministry.  It puts tools in your hands to inform your friends and family of your upcoming summer work as a short-term missionary, and ask them to support you through prayer, encouragement, and finances.  All of the funds that you raise will be processed by One Hope Canada, and be directed your way as payroll.

LEARN MORE ABOUT S.M.A.P. rightarrow