A Letter from the Director

Dear Friends of Hope Bay Bible Camp

Another season of camp is about to come upon us, and we're excited to get ready for campers to come.

This year we are striving to focus on God's Provision

God provides us with His beautiful world filled with amazing scenery. Many plants are food for us and

He provides us the nourishment we need to tackle the day. 

He gives us sun to warm the soil so that seeds might grow into plants and flowers. As we spread his seeds of plants, we can be amazed that this seed which was dead now bursts forth a new life . Plants which will feed the animals we use to feed ourselves and our neighbours. Spring brings new babies and birds, that need the warmth of the sun, the water in the streams and the plants to eat. Trees become the lumber we use to build shelters and stone is the strong foundation.

God also provides us with a way back to Him through his Son Jesus Christ. This is His ultimate Provision and the one we most treasure. 

Pray with us that we might spread this joy to all we encounter this season. 

Randall Lockhart

Director of Ministry

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