A Letter from the Director


Jan 25, 2022

Dear friends:

Happy New Year

And what a year it has been. The pandemic has gone on well past what I and everyone wanted. But that’s enough on that subject. 

Winter saw Derek finish up and pass me the baton of directorship   He and Sarah said their goodbyes and moved up to Vanderhoff. They have started new careers near Sarah’s parents. 

My search began for a new program director and God placed Hope Bay on the hearts of Shaun and Niki Schaffrick from Spirit River Alberta to pack up their lives and come to the camp to serve God here. They bring with them years of Camp and Bible school training, a passion for the gospel and a great love of the Lord. Shaun has taken on the daunting task of rebuilding camp after staff changes and having not had overnight camp for two years. I look forward to seeing what the upcoming years bring. 

Well last year brought us the hottest heat temperatures recorded here ( we hit 43c) The coldest temperatures in decades (minus 13c plus windchill that  stayed frozen for days causing waterlines to freeze), greatest rainfall anyone remembers (water ran over the road as it could not exit out the new larger drain pipe) oh and the driest summer (many people had to truck in water to run taps and toilets). Quite the year for  nature but our God is in control and he has looked after camp as we did not run out of water, nor did it freeze over the holidays (we were able to bless neighbour’s with water for their homes), but June’s heat saw us hanging out in the camp basement for meals as the temp would only drop to 30c overnight. It was such a busy year of learning and working that it’s only at the end that I realized how crazy the weather was lol. 

We ran three weeks of day camp again this year keeping our reach to kids and teens only from our island   Working within the guidelines, and being ever conscious of our island culture, we were thankful to have the opportunity to speak into the lives of those who came. 

But now what about this summer?  Come on 2022. 

Overnight camp is back!!  Woohoo. Bring on the campers and staff and lack of sleep (pray for that energy).

We were able to do a bunch of changes in administration as we had time and a new team to do it, so it was the best time to implement change. With some minor things to fix as we go along and discover them, we are up and running. 


Please keep us in your prayers as we look for staff and volunteers. If you feel God is leading you, please reach out and tell us of your heart for bringing gospel to kids. We need kitchen help and lots of staff for cabins and overflow.

We also need money to run summer camp both to sponsor children coming and also for the operations which provide everything needed so that we can hold camp. We are looking so forward to returning to summer camp into here worship music spilling out from the buildings and echoing through our island. We want to again be able to speak into the lives of many campers bring the hope of Christ to go to most need to hear of him and his love for them.

Thank you so much for partnering with us and keeping us in your hearts. A blessing to you from all of us here at

Hope Bay Bible camp. 

God bless


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Randall Lockhart

Ministry Director