Answering Questions about Camp

  • The Benefits of Camp

    Camp is an incredible context for teaching children and youth, and giving them experiences and memories that they never get anywhere else!  Bible camp is a great opportunity to get away from the ordinary and expand mental, physical, social and spiritual horizons.  Children and youth meet new friends, try new activities, and create memories that will last a lifetime!  

    Our program is strategically planned to ensure that everyone has a great experience.  A wide range of games and activities help develop skills, knowledge, and character of young citizens who care about their neighbours and the world around them.

    The Executive Directors of our mission organization have written a great article addressing the question "Why Send Your Child to Camp?" Click on the icon to read the article.

  • Supervision

    Each cabin group has a maximum of ten campers (eight in most cases) and has a Senior Cabin Leader and a Junior Cabin Leader. These two leaders work as a team to constantly provide supervision, encouragement, and nurturing care to every camper in their cabin.  In addition to cabin leaders, HBBC has a team of leadership staff and a group of support staff members who are involved in the supervision and care of each camper.

  • Caring for Campers' Emotions

    We know that your child's emotional wellbeing is so important to you, and it's so important to us as well.  Leaving home brings with it some inherent struggles for each child.


    Most campers deal with homesickness to some degree, especially if this is their first camp experience. It is totally normal and we deal with it consistently.  Nearly every camper who has been homesick at the beginning of the week is happy, strong, and reluctant to leave Camp by the end.

    We train our cabin leaders in ways to encourage and care for homesick campers.  

    If a camper is really struggling, our leadership staff will phone to update you. and will then pass on your encouragement.  We find that a child phoning home generally worsens the symptoms and condition, and most parents want their children to grow in the face of this challenge.  Only in special cases will we arrange for a direct phone call.  We've rarely ever needed to send a camper home because of homesickness. 


    Our staff are trained to look for the signs of campers experiencing loneliness and isolating themselves. We have two cabin leaders to every cabin of campers. The two cabin leaders work together to establish genuine relationship with each camper, to engage, encourage, and invest in each one.

  • Caring for Campers' Health


    We are proactive in creating space and activities that are safe for all campers.

    Our staff are perceptive and diligent in recognizing and addressing risks such as sunburn, dehydration, and unsafe play.

    First Aid

    We recruit a trained first aid attendant for every week of camp, and we train all of our staff in our emergency procedures.  We work closely with the local health clinic, local paramedics, and the Pender Island Fire Department in the event of an emergency.


    On the camper registration form you can indicate medications your camper regularly receives, and our First Aid Attendant will administer those according to your directions.  When needed, pain medication may be given in appropriate dosage, and according to your consent.

  • Safety

    We're committed to working with you to nurture your children, and your partnership with us is essential to the wellbeing of our campers. 

    We are committed to investing in your children, creating a safe place where they can thrive, and encouraging their brilliance to surface in fantastic ways. 

    'In Safe Hands' is the child and youth protection policies of One Hope Canada, and is a key part of our commitment to safety. 

    To watch videos and learn how we pledge to keep everyone safe, click on the icon to visit the website.

  • Staff-Hiring and Training

    To ensure that we have the best care providers for your child, every staff applicant goes through the following recruitment process:

    • A comprehensive application form is completed, signed, and submitted.
    • Two or more references are submitted.
    • An interview with leadership staff is conducted (in-person or by phone).
    • An RCMP Criminal Record Check is completed.  (This includes the Vulnerable Sector Check and Child Abuse Registry Check.)

    Hired summer staff participate in a week of formal training on-site before their summer duties begin.  During the summer, they are consistently and closely supervised.

  • When Does Camp Start and Finish?

    All overnight summer camp weeks officially begin on-site at 3:30pm on the Sunday, and officially finish on-site at 9:00am on the Friday.

    Local Penderites, please adhere to these times for Pick-Up and Drop-Off.

    For those who live off-island, please see our "Getting Here" section to understand transportation and see pick-up and drop-off times.

  • Transportation

    Transportation to and from Camp depends on where your camper is coming from: Victoria, Vancouver, or another Gulf Island.

    Please see our "Getting Here" section to understand how transportation works and to see pick-up and drop-off times.

  • Food Allergies

    We consider our camp to be "peanut-aware" and although we strive to be a peanut-free facility for the whole summer, please be aware that our food may contain or be in contact with allergens such as milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, or fish.  

    You can indicate food allergies on the registration form, and we will strive to meet those needs.

    Our staff will contact you if clarification is needed.

  • What to Bring to Camp

    Questions about packing lists are asked very often, so this is addressed in its own section below.downarrow

Packing List


  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Toiletries, Towel, etc.
  • Layered Clothing appropriate for sunshine, rain, and getting dirty
  • Running Shoes
  • Weatherproof Jacket
  • Pyjamas
  • Bible (supplied if you do not have one).
  • Water shoes OR shoes that can go into ocean and lakes.
  • Modest swimsuit or a swimsuit and t-shirt
  • Costume Items for themed meals, etc. (optional)
  • Semi-formal clothing for Teen Camp only (optional for final meal)
  • Bag for dirty clothes
  • Great attitude!

*Seasoned parents label their child's name on everything, and only send items that they accept could be misplaced or damaged.


  • Money or Valuables
  • Any electronics: Cell Phones, Music Players, Video Games, etc.
  • Pocket Knives or weapons
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drugs

^Any illegal items would be referred to the appropriate authorities.  Other items will be confiscated until the end of the camp session. Camp staff are not responsible for the wellbeing of disallowed items.