Sponsoring A Child to Come to Camp

We would be so blessed to have you sponsor a camper this summer!

On average, $300 can bring a child or small family to HBBC for a session.

Read the sections below to understand more of our heart to help anyone attend Hope Bay Bible Camp. 

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Please make your cheque payable to: Hope Bay Bible Camp. 

Write “Change a Life” in the memo section.

Mail the cheque to:

Hope Bay Bible Camp

4302 Bedwell Harbour Rd.

Pender Island, BC

V0N 2M1

Daniell'es 'Change a Life' memorial fund

The life of my sister Danielle was beautiful. She was always capturing story and sharing it. She clung to every moment savouring every flavour and loved with such fierce joy and imagination. Her fight with cancer was a fight against fear, a fight to trust promise and hope in the midst of suffering. Danielle chose to celebrate her last two birthdays by going and passing out roses to strangers on the street with notes of the promises of hope and love she was clinging to. She wanted people to know real life, real abundance. On her last birthday she was physically unable to go and pass out roses so, on her behalf, hundreds of friends and family stormed the streets to declare hope and beauty to a world dying to hear it. Later that same day, on her 36th birthday, my precious sister died.

In memory of her, roses are still given out, notes of promise and hope written and declared to strangers. But my parents wanted to do something more to honour Danielle. And so, they decided to start this memorial fund to give children the opportunity to hear and receive the same promises of hope and beauty that changed Danielle’s life. As her brother, I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to honour her in this way. Danielle had a deep and beautiful love for children and for camp. It delights my soul to think of children coming to Hope Bay because an army of love joined Danielle in her courage to believe in the hope of Jesus and made a way for them to hear the truth that they are precious sons and daughters of God.
-Dustin Heigh,
Former Ministry Director of HBBC


We are just a few days away from the 2nd anniversary of our daughter Danielle’s passing. Clint and I have been considering how to commemorate this day. Last March 3rd, many of us once again passed out flowers and affirming words to friends and strangers in memory of Danielle. We would like to do something a little more concrete this year and possibly make it a yearly practice. We think that what we have chosen to do this year would be a reflection of Danielle’s heart. She was so sad that she never got to visit Pender Island and Hope Bay Bible Camp where her brother Dustin now lives and works. Most of the children who attend camp at Hope Bay would never have the opportunity to go to camp were it not for the sponsorship of folks who underwrite their camp fees. Our family has a deep history in camping and we believe that the camping experience can change the direction of a child’s life. Clint and I are going to sponsor one or more children to go to Hope Bay this year. We would like to challenge you to join us in making it possible for needy children to have the wonderful experience of spending a week in a loving ‘family’ atmosphere, enjoying fun and adventure and hearing the life giving news that they have a loving heavenly Father who longs to welcome them into His forever family. For $300 you can make an eternal difference in the life of a child. Won’t you consider joining us? 
-Clint and Janet Heigh,

February 25th, 2015

If Your Family Needs Sponsorship . . .

We pursue sponsorships so that every child who wants to come to Hope Bay can

If you or someone you know would really benefit from sponsorship this summer please get in touch with us. 

All we ask is that those who are requesting sponsorship would send us a short explanation of their situation and need. 

Some parents are able to contribute a portion of the registration fee and some are not. 

Please take a minute and connect with us.