The Weekly High-5

Our God is powerful and caring, and an abundant giver.  

Each week we share five high points so that you can praise and thank the Lord with us.  We recognize that some weeks are easier than others, and some are downright challenging, but this is a good exercise for us as staff to identify and proclaim the goodness of God as we experience it.

Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness;

    let us exalt his name together.

-Psalm 34:3

Below you'll find our most recent High-5, 

along with those from the past couple of months.

Praise God with us!  You can click this link to learn more about who we are as staff.

  • Week of May 13, 2018

    Pictured: Katie and Ray share a high five by the fire pit. We're so excited to have them serve with us this summer doing facilities and cooking! 

    Camp: We're thankful that Ray and Katie Chamberlain are here joining us for the summer! Ray will be doing the facilities and maintenance around camp and Katie will be filling the role of head cook. Welcome Chamberlains!

    Coopers: "I’ve been reminded that God’s eternal nature means his promises flow from who he is. He is everlasting and faithful. Trustworthy in the midst of our trusting." -Bobby

    "~The "living" quality of God's word...there is always something new even in verses I have read a hundred times. 

    ~Peace. That God's Spirit brings peace even in the midst of chaos and busyness. He IS our peace, and dwells in us, so peace is always available." -Lyn

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for the relationships that God has put in my life. My parents, my wife, and my child. This week weve been teaching on Godly relationships, and it's been a delightful reminder of the great joy and responsibility that I have to maintain them well. I'm blessed by my family--near and far.." -Derek

    Chanda: "We’re so grateful for the beauty that is all around us. The energy in the air is palpable and much needed to keep us going on our crazy house build!"

    Lauren: "Thankful for the way God writes our stories and for opportunity to share the truths he has been teaching me."

    Allison: "I'm so thankful that my friends Ray and Katie are here for the summer! It's so great to be doing ministry with such good friends."

  • Week of May 6, 2018

    Pictured: Lauren and Lynn share a high five at the sewing class that Lynn teaches on Wednesday's. It's been so fun to host this group of people in our space!

    Camp: "We're grateful for an awesome weekend connecting with friends and supporters in Kamloops. It was so good to see all the folks over there and see what God is doing!"

    Coopers: "Reconnecting with old friends and sun!! Also had an amazing men’s retreat (7 group) last weekend." -Bobby

    "Paddle boarding!" -Lynn

    Broughtons: "We're thankful for a really good appointment with the allergist doctor for Ezra! He was very helpful, and it's good to have some clear direction."

    Chanda: "We're so thankful for the refreshing rains of spring to temper the amazing heat coming our way! So many beautiful flowers and colours! Also so grateful for full time work while we keep pushing to finish our house!"

    Lauren: "I’m thankful for accountants and for paddleboarding and for chocolate."

    Allison: "Laughter!"

  • Week of May 1, 2017

    Pictured: Amanda works on adding art (and a high five!) to the blackboard in the dining hall! 

    Camp: We’re thankful for the powerful work that God is doing in our student interns.  He is alive and active and calling them into deeper understanding of their own identity in Himself and how to live that out toward each other.

    Coopers: "Food! I'm so thankful to have food to eat. I just did a grocery run and am reminded what a huge blessing it is to have abundance. And new challenges that grow and stretch me!" - Lyn

    "Thankful for God revealing himself in his word. Showing us his kind redemption in Christ, by the power and inner work of the Holy can you tell we’re learning about the trinity this week?! Haha."- Bobby

    Broughtons: "Thankful for the construction project down the road from us. Heavy equipment driving by the breakfast table makes for a happy toddler :) Also thankful for the chicken run Bobby and Reuben made for Ezra. Now this 30lb turkey can be free range!" -Sarah

    Chanda: "We are grateful for the absolute stunning beauty of Pender Spring and the joy in the air. Though our schedule is just as insane, all the blooming flowers and booming birdsongs is rejuvenating our hearts!" - Chanda

    Lauren: "I’m so thankful to have some time to work on my garden and be outside and among friends and neighbours in this beautiful spring season. It’s such a wonderful time of refreshment!" - Lauren

    Allison: "I’m thankful for the longer days so we can do fun things outside after dinner. It’s sooo good to be outside with people! I’m also thankful for God’s life-changing love!." - Allison

  • Week of March 25, 2018

    Pictured:  Sweet Ezra gives himself a high 5, or maybe he's getting ready to blow kisses to his mom? Either way, he's the cutest kid around!!

    Camp: We're so thankful to have Varsity Church group here to help with work projects and be such a blessing to our camp! They're one of the highlights of our spring!

    Coopers: "For my good buddy Ryan Duford teaching grace and light this week. Soooooo good!" - Bobby

    Broughtons: "We're super grateful for the shed that Kevin has build in our 'backyard.' He put in a lot of hours into it, and it looks great, and has lots of room for a stroller and storage shelves for all the items we've been moving around this property for months!" -Derek

    Chanda: "We are so thankful to be playing the Starfields festival in Victoria this April. The impetus for the event is that what unites people is greater than what divides them, and that people need hope and inspiration to contribute to a better world! What an honour to be able to share a message of hope!"

    Lauren: "So thankful to get to spend the weekend away in the mountains with some beautiful friends. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what is needed for fresh perspective and energy, not to mention soaking up the beauty of pristine wilderness and God's creation!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for Ryan's teaching this week. I'm so thankful that I can experience God with my heart, soul, strength, and mind."

  • Week of March 18, 2017

    Pictured: Amanda and Emmy, two of our interns, give each other a high 5 while cleaning the program office as part of their work with the Forma Internship. It's been an amazing few months so far with our four interns!

    Camp: Thankful for our friends in church and community here. It's so good to be able to be real and be sharpened by these relationships...and for pi. (We celebrated Pi day at our Wednesday lunch gathering!)

    Coopers: "Thankful for daughters who are old enough to cook supper, and being able to go out without paying a babysitter! Also these spring days: daffodils and snowdrops and warm sunshine!" - Lyn

    Broughtons: "Corn and eggs!!" -Sarah "That is: we're excited that Ezra has been eating corn and eggs safely!" -Derek

    Chanda: "We're so thankful for full time work as we navigate the strains of building a house!"

    Lauren: "Feeling very grateful for spring days and sunshine and working on my house creating a cozy and inviting environment!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for this family here and that I don't have to carry my burdens by myself."

  • Week of March 4, 2018

    Pictured: I asked for a High 5 and all I got was this sticky note. Thanks a lot, Derek! ;) 

    Camp: We're thankful for sunny days, community, all the kids who have started registering for camp, and people who invest in what we do with their time, prayers, and finances!

    Coopers: "Thankful for my 3 smart, beautiful daughters. They're such awesome leaders and so full of life and faith. Proud of them." -Bobby

    "Chocolate, warm blankets, wood stoves, slippers, coffee, and a lovely ocean view out my window!" - Lyn

    Broughtons: "Thankful to be parenting this line backer together. It's so good being able to tap out and knowing someone else has you covered." -Sarah

    Chanda: "I'm so grateful for the incredible first responders and health care professionals we have on this island. Yesterday I watched a traumatic event happen outside my place of work and the selflessness of these workers was incredible. Hold the ones you love close."

    Lauren: "I'm so thankful to have my brother here for the week and for this busy season that is teaching me to enjoy the moments and that it's okay to say no. Those are good lessons to learn!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for grace, chocolate chip cookies, and getting to reconnect with some friends this week."

  • Week of February 4, 2018

    Pictured: Two of our interns, Emmy and Ciara, share a high 5 on one of the beautiful sunny days we've had recently! 

    Camp: We're thankful for the sun, and for each other! 

    Coopers: "I'm thankful for flush toilets. Rubber boots. Wool socks. Compressors. Tie straps. Well pumps. 12000 gallon water tanks. Physics. Chimneys. Thumbs. Toques. And chinese checkers. Oh, and sushi." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I'm interested to hear the connection between all of those! I'm thankful for sunshine through the day, and that the days are lasting a bit longer! It's nice to come home from work in the daylight, even if the commute is only a thirty second walk. :)" -Derek

    "I'm thankful for Spring? Am I allowed to say that?" -Sarah

    Chanda: "I'm thankful for Lauren. Who always remembers to do the High 5 and is basically a rockstar juggling so many things!! <3"

    Lauren: "Thanks Chanda! :) I'm so thankful for a week long visit from my dad and for time to spend together and projects to work on. Family is such a gift!"

    Allison: "This week I'm thankful for the awesome echo spot in ma yurt! (#yurtlife) I'm also thankful to be working with and learning from people who are so clearly focused on surrendering to Jesus and inviting people to be more like Him."

  • Week of February 18, 2018

    Pictured: Some of the kids from our Sunday church gathering were learning about the ten commandments and shared a group high 5 with their ten commandment craft in Sunday School!

    Camp: Thankful for God's reminder of His plan to restore all things unto Himself with the gospel. We're part of a beautiful grand story of transforming grace and that's so exciting!

    Coopers: "Thankful for the good visit we had with Lyn's folks this month." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I loved the chance to teach this week. It was so encouraging to see the humility our interns have; coming here to serve and learn. And their excitement for our little fellow is such a blessing." -Sarah

    "A heated house on cold winter days. A home of warmth and love to come home to each day." -Derek

    Chanda: "We're so thankful for some sunny days that have come out during this crazy weather month! And beyond grateful for power this month because we've been able to plug in a heater for the first time in four winters!"

    Lauren: "I'm thankful for such a lovely birthday weekend complete with a Family Dance here at the camp and a wonderful birthday party that my friends threw for me. It means so much to be celebrated by one's friends and I'm forever grateful for all the kindred spirits in my life!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for the opportunity to have the interns come over to the yurt for dinner. It's so fun to have a little space to have people come over!"

  • Week of February 11, 2018

    Pictured: Lauren and Chanda give each other a high 5 in the snow! We don't often get snow on Pender so when we do it's a momentous occasion!

    Camp: So thankful to have Ken Lea here to help us work on projects and keep things maintained. Ken has been a part of Hope Bay longer than all of us, and we're always so grateful when he comes to stay

    Coopers: "I'm thankful for my daughters who really shine their lights so brightly. Thankful to celebrate Nadia's 10th birthday this past week! She's a gift!" -Lyn

    "Thankful for the sun peeking out over the last few days and for my wife Lyn, being my Valentine 16 times now!" -Bobby

    Broughtons: "We're thankful for all our old Echo Lake connections. It was neat to have Elizabeth here last weekend, and it's always great to have memories and laughs with Allison each day. And we regularly talk about how thankful we are for her wisdom, humility, and investment here." -Derek

    Chanda: "I'm so thankful for a successful Valentine's concert. We really felt like it was a way to serve our community and lift people's spirits after such a dark winter. And there were so many conversations that came out of the concert about love and purpose! It's incredible!"

    Lauren: "I'm thankful for the reminder to stay present in each moment of life. Life is a gift!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for church, pancakes, and sunshine."

Prayer Needs

We're thankful for your interest in this ministry, and your desire to pray for our needs!

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We would love your continued prayers for:

  • Campers - That our camps would fill up with many children from this region, to hear the Good News of Jesus.
  • Summer Staff - That God would provide all of the quality people we need to pour into our campers.
  • Ongoing Projects - such as the New Washhouse that we're building this Spring.
  • Year-Round Ministries - like the Church At Hope Bay and community involvement, as well as the Student Internship and Youth Group that we're striving to (re)start in September.
  • Full-Time / Year-Round Staff - including our workloads, missionary support, families, and spiritual/physical/emotional health.
  • Finances - That He would provide all that we need.  It takes a lot of resources to run this ministry.

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