The Weekly High-5

Our God is powerful and caring, and an abundant giver.  

Each week we share five high points so that you can praise and thank the Lord with us.  We recognize that some weeks are easier than others, and some are downright challenging, but this is a good exercise for us as staff to identify and proclaim the goodness of God as we experience it.

Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness;

    let us exalt his name together.

-Psalm 34:3

Below you'll find our most recent High-5, 

along with those from the past couple of months.

Praise God with us!  You can click this link to learn more about who we are as staff.

  • Week of June 3, 2019

    Pictured: Derek and Abby share a powerhouse high-five! We're so thankful that Abby is here early helping us with all the preparations before camp starts! What a gift! 

    Camp: "Thankful for a great hope bay team. Thankful for people that stepped up to volunteer this summer and make camp possible, without the sponsors, cooks, cabin leaders, programmers, speakers, prayer warriors, and the support people all around, all this would not is a testament to energized love in action!!" 

    Coopers: "Thankful for all my adventurous girls!" -Bobby

    Broughtons: "This week, we're thankful for Ciara. She has been such a blessing in our lives and we'll be sad to see her go, but excited for what God brings her next." -Sarah

    Lockharts: "I am thankful for Dan cutting the beautiful pieces of cedar for us that are in the shop. I am also thankful for local doctors and wonderful accessible medical services and contact lenses to see God's beautiful creation better." -Diane

    "I’m thankful for the beautiful weather and a wonderful family staff that God has given me. Also thankful for the opportunity to gather as a group of men on Tuesday night." -Randy

    Allison: "I'm thankful for tie-dye, niiiiice weather, that camp is in only 18 days, for the Hope Bay Family, for people carrying me through prayer."

  • Week of May 27, 2019

     Pictured: Allison and Ethan have been busy printing our summer t-shirts! 

    Camp: Thankful for some of the hiring of volunteers we've been able to do this week. We're thankful that God will continue to provide for us where we feel shorthanded. 

    Coopers: "Coke Zero, peanut sauce, boats, camping, showers, adventures, sunscreen, and cucumbers." -Lyn

    "I’m thankful for this beautiful island. We’re blessed with some amazing neighbours and I’m so thankful for those good relationships we’ve been able to develop these last couple years with our pender community. Though we are all diverse in our little island, I’m thankful for grace that people show to those who may believe or think differently from themselves. It’s a blessing." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "Good things come in boxes!  Last week we had two different boxes of groceries show up on our doorstep, plus a lovely parcel box full of clothes and accessories for Naomi!  I’m thankful for how God provides the things we need through friends!  Often before we even realize we need them." -Derek

    Lockharts:  I am thankful for my family that The Lord has blessed me with. My husband, my 4 sons, my 1 daughter in law (1 so far, lol)and my 2 granddaughters. I am also thankful for my wonderful siblings who helped celebrate our granddaughters birthdays on Sunday 🛍🎈-Diane

    Allison:  "I'm thankful for camping and sailing and for Randy and Ken getting a new car battery in my car when my old one died! Thanks guys!!"

  • Week of May 19, 2019

     Pictured:   High five from Randy! Randy's been hard at work getting all the yard work done before summer and he's also been cooking for guest groups! We're so blessed to have him on the team! Thanks for all you do Randy! 

    Camp: It looks like we've lined up a lifeguard for the summer, which is a HUGE answer to prayer! Thanks, God!

    Coopers: "A fridge full of food, a van full of gas, a day to catch up on things!" -Lyn

    "Thankful for old, steadfast friends in this world. Thankful for family meals, and for deep laughs, when they’re so needed...." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "So glad that my parents came to help us out and spend time with Ezra. We are so blessed to have this little family :)" - Sarah

    "Thankful for a fun morning at the beach with my family. So nice to spend time together, splashing, playing in he sand, and picnicking. "I am having fun, Dad! I am having fun!" -Ezra

    Lockharts: "I am thankful for a wonderful weekend at Capernwray for the ladies conference as we studied the book of James. Jesus is all we need, He is enough" -Diane

    "Gods promise to always be with us through every storm and trial." -Randy

    Allison"I'm thankful for my roomies! And raft building with the youth group, and that it's almost June and camp is on the way and that Jesus loves all of us soo much!" 

  • Week of May 12, 2019

    Pictured: Ezra gives his Dad a trampoline High Five! 

    Camp: We're thankful to be hosting lots of guest groups this spring. It's so great to be able to share our space with people in the area!

    Coopers: "Thankful for: my 3 girls (even when there is a wee bit of drama over dishes. Lol) Lyns hard work....long wknd sunday night sail. Rain. Tools that work. Fresh cut grass. Personal supporters who have stuck with us.... Lifeguards for summer (once we locate and hire them! Lol)" -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I'm loving Ezra's stories and quotes right now. A recent favourite... 'I am that noise.' - Ezra" -Sarah

    "…And I'm loving that Naomi has hit the smiling stage now. She's adorable when she looks into my eyes with those blue eyes of hers, and grins! Thanks for making beautiful people in my family, God!" -Derek

    Lockharts: "I am thankful for beautiful weather and gorgeous flowers that God gives us to enjoy His creation for His pleasure. What a awesome God He is 🌷🌸" -Diane

    "Thankful for having my friend Neil for a visit and playing music. That we have come to this wonderful island which is so filled with musicians and joy" -Randy

    Allison: "I'm thankful God's peace and joy in the midst of craziness. And unicorns." 

  • Week of May 5, 2019

    Pictured: Crazy baseball high five with Ethan and Tija! Crazy baseball is quickly becoming a snack fire

    Camp:  Thankful for a big turnout to snack fire on Saturday! It was such an amazing time! Also thankful for some much needed rain

    Coopers: "My girls singing and playing music. So fun to watch. Full youth group on Friday, laughed a lot. Needed that! For Lyns wisdom and patience as a mom who is an anchor for our home." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "Our parents celebrated 39 and 40 years of marriage, respectively, this week! I'm really thankful for the examples of godly love and commitment that we have in our families! I'm also so grateful for Sarah, who's such a great mom to our kids, investing, working, and playing them into a fantastic childhood!" -Derek

    Lockharts: "I am thankful for my wonderful husband and children that The Lord has blessed us with. And most importantly that our sons are strong honorable men who are serious about following Christ." -Diane

    "Having most of my sons out here for a visit and 35 years of marriage to my lovely wife" -Randy

    Allison: "Thankful for sunshine and sunburns. Thankful for Katie, Tija, and Nadia."

  • Week of February 25, 2019

    Pictured: I DODGE LOVEBALL! The team sports these groovy, fresh shirts straight from the silk screen press! 

    Camp: Thankful for all the lawn mowing that's been getting done around camp! It's a good feeling to get it all cut before the fire ban starts. 

    Coopers: "Allison Schneck, summery weather, beaches, the smell of grass and beaches, picnics, and people who are kind!" -Lyn

    Broughtons: "I'm so thankful for access to a trampoline that my son LOVES! It's so great to watch his excitement and anticipation everyday for me to come home and jump with him. I always wanted a trampoline growing up, and now I've got one to share in really special moments with Ezra." -Derek

    Lockharts: "Thankful for a wonderful day with our son yesterday as we celebrated our birthdays together 🌷🎂" - Diane

    "My family and the staff at Hope Bay." -Randy

    Allison: "I’m thankful for turning a quarter of a century on Sunday! Thankful for this community on Pender that makes me feel so loved. Also thankful for the opportunity to dialogue with our church about the prodigal son and reconciliation on Sunday. "

  • Week of April 21, 2019

    Pictured: Some of our youth dancing at our Just Dance night! We're so thankful to be able to host these fun nights and invest in these amazing kids! 

    Camp: We're thankful for the volunteer applications that are coming in for this summer! It's so exciting to watch God forming a team of young people to serve him here at camp! 

    Coopers: "Thankful for a few days away with Lyn. Been great to have some quiet and some adventure too." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for Ezra's stories that make me laugh, and for the cuteness that Naomi is growing into, and that a couple of partial sick days granted me the time and headspace to finish my sabbatical plan." -Derek

    Lockharts: "The many bible study groups that I am involved in and all that the word of God is teaching me through these wonderful people " -Randy

    "God's continuous blessings and provision especially financially."-Diane

    Allison: "I'm thankful for Spring and that there's only 61 days till camp!" 

  • Week of April 14, 2019

    Pictured: What did the ocean say to the shore? Nothing, he just waved. Good joke! High Five! We've been loving the sunny Spring sunshine lately and getting so excited for summer! 

    Camp: Thankful for Easter with our Church family. We are so blessed to be a part of this community.

    Coopers: "Family time Monday was a blessing. Going through old pictures of our trip to Ireland. And then a walk on the beach. A good Easter Monday." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "Teaching the elements of the Passion Week to a toddler has really made me slow down and think about the events of the Easter story in a whole new way. Thanks, God, that you continue to teach me about Yourself through my role as a Dad!" -Derek

    Lockharts: "For a wonderful Easter weekend both here on Pender Island and Capernwray on Thetis island. We are so richly blessed with many wonderful friends and family in Christ" -Diane

    "For my fellow staff members and for how we've been impacting the  community." -Randy

    Allison: "I'm thankful that Jesus is the one who brings me into life, and that I don't have to somehow have to figure out how to bring myself to life. He's LIFE and that makes me so alive." 

  • Week of April 7, 2019

    Pictured: Our intern, Ethan, and Mark from Maple Springs high five at the work week at Maple Springs Bible Camp this past week! 

    Camp: We're so thankful that some of us had the opportunity to go to Maple Springs Bible Camp and get some work projects done! It was great to hang out with other camp-y people and exchange stories of God's faithfulness. 

    Coopers: "For supportive friends, for Jesus, for my family!" -Lyn

    "For prayer. For grace. Porridge. Campfires. Hugs (yes, I’ll stand by that one). Laughter. Tears. Brokenness and healing." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for all of the people who have been helping me process life these days. It seems like I'm in another stage of learning about myself, and it's been really cool to see how God is bringing friends and family into my world to help me grow in new ways."- Derek

    Lockharts: "Our fellow camp at Maple Springs and spending time helping and getting to know the staff there. Safe travels to and from peachland and our beautiful Hope Bay" -Randy

    "For Christ dying for me! That I am a daughter of The King of all creation ✝️" -Diane

    Allison: "I’m thankful for the Maple Springs trip and hanging out with some rad humans, the wisdom of others, and that Jesus is ma bff."

Prayer Needs

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We would love your continued prayers for:

  • Campers - That our camps would fill up with many children from this region, to hear the Good News of Jesus.
  • Summer Volunteers - That God would provide all of the quality people we need to pour into our campers.
  • Ongoing Projects - such as the New Washhouse that we're building this Spring.
  • Year-Round Ministries - like the Church At Hope Bay and community involvement, as well as the Student Internship and Youth Group.
  • Full-Time / Year-Round Staff - including our workloads, missionary support, families, and spiritual/physical/emotional health.
  • Finances - That He would provide all that we need.  It takes a lot of resources to run this ministry.

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