The Weekly High-5

Our God is powerful and caring, and an abundant giver.  

Each week we share five high points so that you can praise and thank the Lord with us.  We recognize that some weeks are easier than others, and some are downright challenging, but this is a good exercise for us as staff to identify and proclaim the goodness of God as we experience it.

Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness;

    let us exalt his name together.

-Psalm 34:3

Below you'll find our most recent High-5, 

along with those from the past couple of months.

Praise God with us!  You can click this link to learn more about who we are as staff.

  • Week of January 7, 2019

    Pictured:  Ethan and Randy share a sunshine-y high five during their first full week at Hope Bay!

    Camp: We're thankful that Randy and Diane are here full time as facilities manager and ready to start on different projects. We're also super blessed that Ethan is here as our intern this year! Our team keeps growing. Thanks so much, God! 

    Coopers: "Thankful for a great weekend trip with Nadia for her tenth year. It was an adventure and great to connect one on one." -Bobby

    "I'm thankful that it feels a bit 'Spring-ish'! The snowdrops and blooming and the sun has been out a lot. Thankful for being able to get out on the water a couple of times this past week as well! My favourite thing!" -Lyn

    Broughtons: "A slow Saturday of chores outside on a beautiful sunny, spring-feeling Saturday, and a fun staff new-year-new-vision party!"

    Chanda: "So thankful for God's perfect timing. Months ago I decided to take this specific week off from the clinic for early tax receipt prep at the camp. But last week my best friend Maureen lost her mom and so I was able to drop everything with a cleared schedule and fly out for the funeral. Such a gift at a time of loss!'"

    Lockharts: We are so thankful for The Lord's provision of a wonderful community at Hope Bay Bible camp and Pender Island .

    Allison: "I'm thankful for beaches, and sea glass, and sunshine, and learning new things, and late nights, and early mornings, and coffee, and community,  and Mickey the cat who is now my friend, kinda." 

  • Week of December 30, 2018

    Pictured:  Lyn and her cousin, Kacey give a festive high five by the Christmas tree. 

    Camp:  Thankful for our friend John Wason who came last Sunday with a dramatic retelling of the Christmas story. It is so great to be able to hear the Christmas story in different ways. Thanks for coming, John! 

    Coopers: "Wood stove. Duvets. Running water. Oli-bolin' deep fried New Years dough. Carcossone. Bacon-wrapped oysters on Christmas Eve. Old school Mario bros for the girls to play (courtesy of Uncle Dan). Walking Ringo in the woods at night. Head lamps. CS Lewis. Lyn;'s tireless serving of her family and friends. Licorice... and my pops, dad/grandpa Bob who turned 60 on January 3. Super young for such a terribly old guy,...right?! :)

    Here's to 2019 and another year of Grace and Peace and adventures at Hope Bay!! " -Bobby

    "Thankful for family who comes to visit from Alberta! Electricity, hot water, a cold fridge full of food! Yay!" -Lyn

    Broughtons: "Thankful for the chance to host Sarah's parents for a few days here in our new home, and that this really was 'a good place to be sick' for all of us. It was good to take it slow and enjoy each other's company while we all battled colds. And it reminds me of the regular health that I often take for granted." -Derek

    " So glad to be settling in and unpacking boxes. We feel so blessed to be here." -Sarah

    Chanda: "We are just so beyond grateful for each other. It's amazing to start a new year and take time to reflect on the previous year! 2018 has been both intensely exhausting and exhilarating with the progress of our house... and we are just so excited to know at some point before summer 2019 we will move in!!!"

    Allison: "Thankful for beautiful, fresh beginnings and the turning of the calendar. It's so fun to celebrate the end of one year and the hope and possibility of the next! Thankful that God is constant and steady and I can rely on him."

  • Week of December 17, 2018

    Pictured: Merry Christmas from the team at Hope Bay! 

    Camp: Thankful that Light has come into the world! He is Emmanuel, he is with us. He is our hope, joy, peace, and love. 

    Coopers: "Thankful that we got power on at our house on the fourth day!! Some people on Pender still don't have it, and it's been amazing to see the community come together to take care of each other in this rather historically nasty power outage. God is good." -Bobby

    "Thankful for a great community, friends, great kids, a hardworking husband, and ELECTRICITY!!!!" -Lyn

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for how the power outage reminds me of what's really important, and for the everyday blessing of electricity that I take for granted. I'm also thankful that we were able to make it across for the family Christmas in Vancouver, despite the road closures, outages, etc. on Pender, and for Bobby who has sacrificially served our community and is by keeping freezers going even while we've been away. And I'm so thankful that Ezra understands what this season is all about, even at this young age. That it's Jesus' birthday, that Jesus was born because God loves us!" -Derek

    Chanda: "We feel so blessed that our power is back on. And we are so humbled by the positivity and generosity we see flowing in our community in times of crisis. Feels like going back in time. Such a gift and so heartwarming!!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for lovely Christmas Eve services, for people who create amazing art, and that God is with us."

  • Week of December 10, 2018

    Pictured: A throw back high five! Ezra gives his Dad a high five last week when the Broughtons' moved house across camp. 

    Camp: We're thankful for the Christmas season and to be going through advent with our church fellowship at Hope Bay! 

    Coopers: "Thankful for being able to take the girls to Handel's Messiah this year. It was glorious. Thankful for a day in Vic with my family :)" -Bobby

    Broughtons: "We're soo thankful God provided us with a place to stay in March when our new baby comes. Relating so much better to Mary and Joseph's experience of ending up in a barn!!" -Sarah

    Chanda: "We are feeling so warmed in our hearts this Christmas season as we celebrate with friends and family and coworkers. We are reminded each meal or potluck or party just how many incredible humans we share this island and our life with and feel quite humbled to spend time with them all. Christmas on Pender truly feels like stepping back in time in the most glorious way!!!" 

    Allison: "I'm thankful that I got to see my niece and sister and brother in-law this week! It's been a year since I've seen my niece and it's so fun to be with her!" 

  • Week of December 2, 2018

    Pictured: Darth Vader runs through an obstacle course at one of our day camps last summer! High five Darth! 

    Camp: We're thankful for the opportunity we had to go to Lighthouse Christian Academy in Victoria this week and tell students about camp! It was a blast hanging out with them and enjoying an indoor campfire together :) 

    Coopers: "This week I am reminded and thankful again for all the work that Ken and Chanda do with the camps book keeping and finances, especially this week as as we’ve been preparing for our year end board meeting this Wednesday. And Thankful again for Gods provision through so many generous hearts taking care of our camp." -Bobby

    "Thankful for our warm home, wood stove, and real Christmas tree!"-Lyn

    Broughtons: "We are SOOO thankful for all of the great people God has brought into our life who helped us to move over the past few days. Thanks, God, for Bobby, Ken, Allison, Ciara, Bob Sr., Austin, Leah, Tetsuyu, and Judy, who all contributed in unique and helpful ways; from hauling to doing dishes, from childcare to special gifts. And thanks for giving Ezra courage to process this well, and the joy he brings as he explores his new home!" -Derek

    Chanda: "We are so grateful for the warmth of Christmas! We had a wonderful dinner with all of Danny's staff and were reminded of how blessed we are by his current crew! Such a gift for Dan!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for the friendships and regular ships."

  • Week of November 25, 2018

    Pictured: Unicorn Isla and Allison share a high five at youth. We had a Saturday morning cartoon cereal potluck last Friday. It was a sugar filled and fun filled event. 

    Camp: We're so thankful

    Coopers: "Thankful for sunshine peaking through in December. Thankful for being given the opportunity to teach the Lords Prayer series in Sunday’s for the last 7 weeks. Also thankful for this island and the music. Getting to see my kids sing and play instruments with such great teachers and musicians is amazing." -Bobby

    "Thankful for a beautiful start to the Christmas season with the community choir concert... and seeing my children perform was such a gift! Also just so many moments seeing people caring for one another... lots of light and beauty all around!" -Lyn

    Broughtons: "Sunshine, sushi and moving boxes :)" -Sarah

    Chanda: "We are so thankful to finally have our lights hooked up this week in our top floor of the house! For the first time in literal years we don't have to walk around with a headlamp!! It's beautiful and glorious and humbling!!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for December, the most magical of months and that the sun and stars are shining so brightly recently. I'm thankful that God is my provider and he gives me everything that I need."

  • Week of November 18, 2018

    Pictured: Derek and Bobby give a cute little salamander a high five during a planning meeting for the summer! There's some good ideas cooking for camp theme and program.

    Camp: "Thankful that we have officially found a Facilities Manager couple to join our team in the new year. Stay tuned for details! We are thankful for God’s perfect timing and provision."

    Coopers: "Grateful for this Pender community that is creative and unique and a blessing to live in. Thankful for all the youth that have been consistently coming out and growing their faith." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "Thankful for our team of friends who stepped in to help move lots of our boxes from the leaky shed. That saved them from any more damage, and took a lot of anxiety off our shoulders. Now we thank God without reserve each time it rains, without having anything in the back of our minds."

    Chanda: "So thankful for such a vibrant community! On any given day there are so many beautiful concerts or art shows or markets or classes we can be involved in. We feel so lucky to live in such a thriving community even if our schedules always seem just a tad too full!"

    Allison: "I'm thankful for Michelle and Selah and Abby who visited camp this week. It's so fun to be able to host previous summer volunteers and friends for the weekend."

  • Week of November 11, 2018

     Pictured:   Ok, I know this isn't technically a high five, but here Emmy and Allison are waving at a ferry passing by during the Forma Project. We're excited to start another round of The Forma Project in January! Applications are still available :) 

    Camp: Thankful that Ethan will be joining us as an intern in January! Ethan has been a summer volunteer for quite sometime and we're thrilled he'll also be here in the winter. The Forma Project is a go!!

    Coopers: "Thankful for good friends...friends of many years who have supported and loved me and been there for me. Friendship is such a blessing that I don't take for granted!!" -Lyn

    "Thankful for the encouragement and kindness of friends. People who can listen well and understand good, healthy perspectives." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "Yay! Ezra is putting himself to sleep these days! That means that we're getting some good couple time together in the evenings, which we've missed." -Derek

    "Garbage trucks. Dump trucks." -Ezra

    Chanda: "We are just so thankful for our Pender community! So many kind souls and so many sweet little snippets of conversations everywhere we go!"

    Allison"So thankful that my sister, Andrea came out and visited me this weekend! It was fun to explore the island with her and catch a good sunset. Also so so thankful for the church and how they teach me how to love everyone well."

Prayer Needs

We're thankful for your interest in this ministry, and your desire to pray for our needs!

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We would love your continued prayers for:

  • Campers - That our camps would fill up with many children from this region, to hear the Good News of Jesus.
  • Summer Volunteers - That God would provide all of the quality people we need to pour into our campers.
  • Ongoing Projects - such as the New Washhouse that we're building this Spring.
  • Year-Round Ministries - like the Church At Hope Bay and community involvement, as well as the Student Internship and Youth Group.
  • Full-Time / Year-Round Staff - including our workloads, missionary support, families, and spiritual/physical/emotional health.
  • Finances - That He would provide all that we need.  It takes a lot of resources to run this ministry.

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