Maintenance Job Description

Job Description: Facility Maintenance

Hope Bay Bible Camp



Role Title: Facility Maintenance Director                                        

Reports To: Ministry Director

Positions Supervised: Maintenance volunteers

Overview of Role

One Hope Canada is considered a Religious Order under the provisions of the CRA and as such, missionary employment with One Hope Canada is seen as following God’s unique invitation. Members, and those aspiring to be members, must be in agreement with standards of spiritual and personal suitability, and are therefore required to sign a Statement of Affirmation annually.

Empowered by the Ministry Director, the Maintenance Director, with the tools and resources provided, is entrusted with fulfilling the purpose of One Hope Canada both personally and within their camp, and is responsible for all programming aspects of the camp.

     Primary Objectives

  • To present the Gospel, particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ, and especially to children and youth, and to disciple believers for living and serving through His church.

  • To accomplish the above objective through interactions with volunteers and in the community of Hope Bay Bible Camp, through work and play.

Key Responsibilities

  • Is a follower of Christ, and leads a Christ centered life. Is regularly in the word. Has a servant's heart. Is able to place the needs of camp over their own, especially when out in the community.

  • Manage timelines, schedules, supplies, and personnel for all ministry programs

  • Oversees the efficient and effective running of camp facilities and equipment.  - Delegates maintenance duties to support staff and oversees the proper fulfillment of those  duties.

  • Monitor activities to ensure safety procedures are followed

  • Make sure the camp’s appearance is always clean, organized, tidy, and safe.  - Keeps an updated, prioritized and ongoing list of potential facility projects, complete with  detailed lists of materials needed, skilled laborers needed, estimated time of project, and costs.  - Participates in developing and initiating priority projects, and oversees the carrying out and  the completion of them.  

  • Handles, under the supervision of the director, all volunteer group work projects. Works with  the volunteer groups to arrange specific, group appropriate tasks and projects. Prepares  everything needed for the planned tasks to be completed, such as: materials, tools,  permissions, permits, etc.

  • Leads and oversees the carrying out and the completion of planned volunteer projects.  - Leads, trains, disciplines, and mentors summer work crew volunteers. Participates in  developing a summer work crew program.

  • Is available to act as occasional camp host for rental groups when needed.  - Keeps a monthly record of current tasks, completed projects, needs, ideas, and hopes. Submits  this monthly update to the director.

  • Participates in the development of the Director’s overall facility vision and strategy. 

  • Stays alert to all facility and equipment problems and breakdowns. Carries out all repairs, and  proposes necessary upgrades to the director.

  • Keeps track of facility operating costs and participates in creating a facilities budget.  - Make sure all aspects of the facility are up to current building and safety codes and insurance  requirements.

  • Oversees the routine maintenance and development of camp grounds including paths, trees,  landscaping, gardening, lawn, and fences. Participates in developing the vision and strategy for  landscaping development.

  • Maintains camp’s firewood stock.

  • Monitors the efficiency and correct functioning of camp utilities.

  • Creates a schedule of regular evaluation of the facilities.

  • Participates in the development of policies and procedures that affect the use of supplies and  facilities.

  • Creates monitoring systems or programs to detect problems as early as possible. 

  • Develops a system for cleaning, repair and maintenance of facilities.

  • Develops back-up or alternative systems for common problems such as power shortages.  - 

  • Ensures the safety of the camp from fire, flood and other hazards.  

  • Initiates an active campaign on safety measures at the camp.

  • Trains Work Crew staff appropriately for their tasks to ensure competent work output.

  • Educates the other leadership staff on the proper use and care of the camp’s equipment and  facilities.

  • Develops and maintains a facility manager’s manual with all important information on the  proper use and care of the camp’s equipment and facilities.

  • Regularly attends a local church or assembly of Christian fellowship.

  • Promote the camp within the local church and community.

  • Regularly attends and engages in staff meetings and staff  Bible Studies. 

  • Travel to various locations and events to promote the camp

  • Follow-up with and disciple summer team volunteers throughout the year

  • Manage crises as they arise and follow appropriate procedures

  • Assist in promoting group rentals and helping to manage groups while on site.

  • Is a One Hope Canada missionary. 

  • Is accountable to the Camp Director, Camp Board, and OHC Ministries.

Job Requirements

  • Follower of Christ

  • Passion for the Gospel

  • Servants Heart

  • Raise personal missionary support

Core Competencies

  • Willingness to learn and ask questions

  • Verbal and Written Communication

  • Basic Computer Skills and Familiarity with Google Suite

  • Planning and Organizing

  • Self-Motivation

  • Good Judgment

  • Relational


Education and Experience

  • Post-secondary education in a related field is an asset

  • Experience with camping maintenance is an asset

  • Experience in youth or children ministry is an asset

Physical Demands

Must be able to: 

  • Move around the camp site

  • Lift weight and move objects.

  • Participate in programs going on at camp.

  • Work long hours in an active camp program

  • Stand or sit for extended periods of time

  • Assist with Program and other tangible issues as the Director sees fit.

  • Willingly fill in whatever other roles are in need to accomplish the mission