In the midst of the Southern Gulf Islands, just off the coast of British Columbia, sits Pender Island, and tucked along its Northeastern shore is Hope Bay. 

There, looking out from the rainforest and into the bay, is Hope Bay Bible Camp, a small camp community cultivating sincere relationships with Jesus Christ. 

Whether you’re coming to Hope Bay as a camper or as a volunteer, you’re coming into a family that’s focused on genuine relationship with Christ, and that’s passionate about mentorship and sharing the wonders of God’s love. 

We invite you here, into our family, to play hard in God’s awesome creation, to laugh, to sing, and to discover.


our story . . .

Since 1962, when Mr. Menzies donated this land to be used for a Bible Camp, Hope Bay has been doing camps for kids of all ages, and from diverse backgrounds. Dave Griffin, who at the time was the Field Director for BC with Canadian Sunday School Mission, accepted the land from Mr. Menzies and began to operate summers camps, particularly focusing on inner-city children and youth. Dave had an incredible ministry and the stories of what God did during that time is amazing. Many kids from neighbouring cities found Jesus here at Hope Bay. 

Today, we continue with Mr. Menzies' vision, and offer summer camp opportunities for kids from all types of backgrounds and income brackets. Though we are not a large camp, our intention is to be strategic with our camps to offer the unique flavour of a coastal camp, paired with the intimacy and adventure of being near both the forest and the sea.

Along with summer camps, we also intentionally reach out to the community of Pender, hosting a local growing church community, off-season retreats, local artist guest groups, and a youth group ministry for teens on the Island.

Our quiet and peaceful setting is a safe haven for building intentional Christian community on Pender Island, and we're excited to see what God continues to do in this little corner of Canada!

Our Ministries . . .


Hope Bay's key focus is kids camps, with up to seven weeks of camps in a typical summer. 

Pender Island is a unique place for coastal-flavoured adventures such as sailing and canoeing on the ocean, hiking mountain trails, and walking peaceful beaches, as well as many other fun and creative activities.


Community Involvement

Hosting Events

Our unique location and climate in the Southern Gulf Islands makes this a peaceful and tranquil location for

off-season workshops, leadership retreats,and  men's and women's retreats. 

We are available to the community of Pender island to offer potential youth ministry opportunities, and hosting community events. 

It has been a thrill to see God open doors to love our neighbours!


+ + +

Intentional Involvement

We are passionate about showing who Jesus is in our own neighbourhood, and we seek to tangibly express God’s love for humanity in various ways.

By being involved in the lives and events of this island, we extend our mission beyond our camp property and share the love of Jesus in our local community.

We desire to invest in local ministries and organizations that help fill the gap for people in need in our community. Our approach is to form relationships, to serve, and to share hope through Jesus.

{ Pictured: Teams from our annual Epic Relay! } 


We host a vibrant and growing weekly outreach ministry that's currently called The Hope Bay Fellowship. The purpose is to provide an environment for people to glorify God and experience transformation. God is doing exciting things among His people here on this island!  

As an intentional community of faith, this diverse group of believers meets and does life together.   

We are seeing the love of God pour out, and the light of Jesus shining on Pender.

This requires a lot of time and energy from our year-round missionaries, and we are happy to minister in this way. 

The church meets on Sundays at 10:30am for a family-friendly worship service, with fellowship afterward.

A potluck lunch follows the service on the first and third Sundays of each month.

The best way to find out about what's going on at The Church At Hope Bay is to visit the group on Facebook.


Student Internship

The Forma Project

is an internship program we began in January 2018.

The discipleship atmosphere fosters an environment for students to thrive in their journey with Jesus. 

Our ministry approach is based on a caring, small group community where godly identity can develop. 

By partnering with One Hope Canada's "Encounter 2.0" program, we will give our students a well-tailored biblical curriculum that digs deep into the Gospel, and our identity and ministry in Jesus Christ.  

During their seven months here, students will encounter God through regular Bible studies and teaching sessions, out-trips around the island and beyond, and other missional events, such as serving in the local community and in their summer practicum of camp ministry.

+ + +


We anticipate a fantastic 2020 program! 

Find out more by visiting The Forma Project webpage