The Weekly High-5

Our God is powerful and caring, and an abundant giver.  

Each week we share five high points so that you can praise and thank the Lord with us.  We recognize that some weeks are easier than others, and some are downright challenging, but this is a good exercise for us as staff to identify and proclaim the goodness of God as we experience it.

Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness;

    let us exalt his name together.

-Psalm 34:3

Below you'll find our most recent High-5, 

along with those from the past couple of months.

Praise God with us!  You can click this link to learn more about who we are as staff.

  • Week of December 3, 2017

    Pictured: Derek, Sarah, and Ezra share a high 5 at the One Hope Conference a few weeks ago while on a family outing!

    Camp: We're thankful for the students who applied and who have been accepted into our internship program starting in January! We can't wait to envelop them in our Hope Bay community and disciple them this next year.

    Coopers: "I'm thankful for a few dry days here to get some things done around the camp, and for the sunshine poking through the clouds every now and then which is so nice to see." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I'm really thankful that God has pointed Allison to be involved here in leading the internship program. Many camps that are much larger and more affluent aren't able to recruit someone who's fully devoted to the lives of their internship students - much less one of Allison's caliber. It's exciting and joyful to prepare with her and see her heart for ministering to (and with) these students in the new year!" -Derek

    Bosches"I'm so humbled and grateful to live on such a supportive island! We were a part of the choir this year and felt so honoured to play music for it! So many sweet, encouraging people!" -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm thankful for some quiet evenings as the past few busy months have been winding down, and for time to enjoy the advent season, write Christmas cards, and carry on holiday traditions." -Lauren

  • Week of November 26, 2017

    Pictured: In September we started a monthly youth group with the young people of Pender. We weren't sure what to expect but we've had a consistent group of about 19 kids! We love getting to support these students during the year. 

    Camp: We're thankful for all the good conversations with applicants and references this past week for our upcoming internship program. It's so neat to hear the hearts and goals of these people as they desire to seek Christ. May we pursue Him together, and may we be held high to the standard of walking in His gospel moment-by-moment.

    Coopers: "Thankful for clear skies and sunshine! So good!" -Bobby

    "My husband who hauls and chops wood! I would be very cold without all the work he does to keep our house warm!" - Lyn

    Broughtons: "We're thankful for the chance to *finally* offer hospitality to friends, and invite them into our home for meals. Ezra's food allergies have made the blessing of sharing in food a difficulty, but recently we've been getting better about intentionally connecting and making community work." -Derek

    Bosches: "So thankful for the warm welcome given to us for our Amazing Grace concert this past weekend! There were over 250 people who attended and so many amazing connections were made." -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm so grateful for a wonderful concert in Victoria last weekend, and for the opportunity to be involved in my community in so many ways. I never expected that moving to Pender would come with all the opportunities it has, musical and otherwise, and I'm so thankful for all the ways it's shaping me and helping me connect to my community." -Lauren

  • Week of November 19, 2017

    Pictured: The One Hope Canada missionaries gained a lot from our personnel conference in Victoria a few weeks ago, but performing a successful high-five was not one of them.  At least we tried!  Nevertheless, it was so good to connect with all the folks in our mission who serve across this nation!

    Camp: We're thankful for our board members and another year of seeing God's faithfulness.

    Coopers: "For electricity and water after being without for a short time. I was just reminded what an absolute blessing it is to be able to turn on the tap and also to have power! For some reason I really was just so thankful and aware this time...I just take it for granted way too much." -Lyn

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for good in-depth conversations with my wife. She consistently helps me and challenges me to see God in a new light, and to think creatively about loving His people." -Derek

    Bosches: "I am so thankful for all the friends who keep coming into the bakery to say hi! My days are filled with so many wonderful connections and reminders of how much I love this community." -Chanda

    Szoges: "In the midst of a busy week I'm so thankful for the friendships that I've been blessed to have forged in the past two years of being on Pender." -Lauren

  • Week of November 12, 2017

    Pictured: Nadia gives Reuben a hesitant High 5 a few weeks ago when some of our staff came over for the weekend. It's so great being able to see some of our staff through the year and follow them on their journeys!

    Camp: Thankful for a great national conference with our larger One Hope Canada family. Such an encouraging week! And thankful to get home to our Pender Island home as well.

    Coopers: "I'm going to let my 'predictor' button on my iPhone tell you. I'll start with 'I'm thankful for' birthday. I just got a little more than one person who has been a good idea. I'm so excited about the future. I'm so happy for the next two years of my favourite songs." -Lyn

    Broughtons:  "Thankful for making the early ferry last-minute! Yay for getting home from the conference in time to put Ezra to bed at a decent time!" -Derek

    Bosches: "We're so glad we made it through an insanely busy October. And after four years we finally got our power pole installed on our property today! Looks like using a toaster again may be in our future!!" -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm thankful for a successful songwriting retreat this past weekend. It was a lot of work and lead up, but it was such an inspiring and collaborative time for everyone!" -Lauren

  • Week of November 5, 2017

    Pictured: Ezra just keeps on growing into an awesome kid, and his high 5's are getting better and better. That being said, follow us on Instagram to see the video of what happens next...

    Camp: We're thankful for an open church with freedom to share and work through life together.

    Coopers: "Warm fires, warm sweaters, soup, wool hats...are you sensing a theme!??" -Lyn

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for warmth on cold days: cozy, dry boots while walking in the rain, and a heated home when the temperature drops outside." -Derek

    Bosches: "I'm so thankful for my husband! He just has worked so hard this year working full time, doing jobs on the side, and building our house. Though it has felt overwhelming at times he still just keeps on going. So blessed!" -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm feeling so grateful for being busy with so many creative projects this month that are pushing me out of my comfort zone and challenging me in so many beautiful ways." -Lauren

  • Week of October 29, 2017

    Pictured: Lauren and Lyn raided the program office's costume collection to bring you a Halloween-y high 5! 

    Camp: We're so thankful for such a wonderful evening this past weekend at the Amazing Grace Concert. We were able to express our gratitude to the community for their support of the camp through the year and especially in the summer, and share a bit about our vision and what camp is all about. Some of our summer staff came over for the weekend and we brought them and the local campers up to sing My Lighthouse with us. What a fun night!

    Coopers: "My daughters. They fill me with joy! I am enjoying them as they grow older and have such unique personalities and gifts." -Lyn

    Broughtons: "My awesome wife who pours herself into blessing both Ezra and me all day." -Derek

    Bosches: "I am so thankful for the power of community! Such a blessing to be able to be vulnerable and often weak with the people in my life." -Chanda

    Szoges:  "I'm so thankful to be able to play music with all my best friends. The Amazing Grace concert this past weekend was such a blessing to me, and to the community who joined us. I feel so inspired!" -Lauren

  • Week of October 22, 2017

    Pictured: These are just some of the kids in our community eating together at one of our many potlucks. It's so fun to have so many kids among us, even when things get chaotic. They have such an innocence and simple faith that is challenging and encouraging to us.

    Camp: We're thankful for some quiet time, where even with lots of projects on the go, we are able to spend more time with our families and our local community.

    Coopers: "The beauty of fall...all the gorgeous leaves and colours." -Lyn "Thankful for my three daughters and the fun we have together these days. Thankful for their cool school and the friends they've made here on Pender." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for home. This month has involved time away, as well as moving out of our previous apartment, and it has made me nostalgic of the past, and excited for the future. This little house is where Ezra took his first steps and where our family will make many more memories together. 'Home. Yes I am home. Home is wherever I'm with you.' " -Derek

    Bosches: "I literally have my breath taken away daily by the beauty of Fall on Pender. The maples are almost too much! So thankful." - Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm thankful for a trip through the mountains to see my family and lead worship at an awesome women's conference. It was such a perfect time to get away, get close to God, and breathe deeply of the beauty of the mountains and the changing of the seasons." - Lauren.

  • Week of October 8, 2017

    Pictured: Bobby, Sher, Austin, Mat and Chanda  share a group high 5 at a rehearsal potluck for our upcoming Amazing Grace concert! Last year the concert was a fundraiser for the local Refugee Support Project, and this year, all the money raised will be a gift to our camp. What a blessing it is to be part of such a great group of musicians!

    Camp: We are thankful to be part of the community here on Pender and to have the opportunity to talk about the camp and thank our community for their support and generosity at the upcoming Amazing Grace Concert. It is humbling to see God using us to minister to our neighbours and to the kids of the island be a part of what He is doing!

    Coopers: "Thankful to be surrounded by such a loving, amazing community! Also thankful to reconnect with dear friends this weekend!" - Lyn

    Broughtons: "We're thankful to get to spend time with Derek's family in Ontario this week, and all the Kodak moments of Ezra enjoying his grandparents (and vice versa)!" - Derek

    Bosches: "Thankful for six incredible years of marriage and that we get to celebrate with so many of our dearest friends and family! Such a blessing!" - Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm so thankful for amazing neighbours and friends who shared their Thanksgiving with me when I wasn't able to be with family." - Lauren

  • Week of September 24, 2017

    Pictured:  One our favourite families ever, the Des Roches', share a high 5 on the trampoline at our end of summer staff BBQ!

    Camp: We are thankful for the interest that's already being shown for the 2018 internship, and that the website and application are all live now. Thanks, God, for the vision and logistics moving forward on this endeavour. All the information about the internship can be found here:

    Coopers: "I'm thankful for the warm sun and for being able to catch up on facilities stuff." -Bobby. "Grateful for a successful first youth group! 19 kids! Can't wait to see where it goes from here!" - Lyn

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for friends who came to my little surprise birthday party, and still invested time to help us move! It's really making the task seem manageable now." -Derek

    Bosches: "We are so blessed by our church family! This Sunday was such a powerful time of worshipping from the depths of our hearts, sharing from our souls, breaking bread together and sharing in laughter. We feel honoured to do life with this beautiful diverse family." -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm so thankful for these warm fall days, and for new routines and opportunities that make me excited for things to come!" -Lauren

Prayer Needs

We're thankful for your interest in this ministry, and your desire to pray for our needs!

Like us on Facebook, where we'll post urgent prayer requests.

We would love your continued prayers for:

  • Campers - That our camps would fill up with many children from this region, to hear the Good News of Jesus.
  • Summer Staff - That God would provide all of the quality people we need to pour into our campers.
  • Ongoing Projects - such as the New Washhouse that we're building this Spring.
  • Year-Round Ministries - like the Church At Hope Bay and community involvement, as well as the Student Internship and Youth Group that we're striving to (re)start in September.
  • Full-Time / Year-Round Staff - including our workloads, missionary support, families, and spiritual/physical/emotional health.
  • Finances - That He would provide all that we need.  It takes a lot of resources to run this ministry.

We'd be blessed if you contact us to get an update and let us know that you're praying for us!