The Weekly High-5

Our God is powerful and caring, and an abundant giver.  

Each week we share five high points so that you can praise and thank the Lord with us.  We recognize that some weeks are easier than others, and some are downright challenging, but this is a good exercise for us as staff to identify and proclaim the goodness of God as we experience it.

Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness;

    let us exalt his name together.

-Psalm 34:3

Below you'll find our most recent High-5, 

along with those from the past couple of months.

Praise God with us!  You can click this link to learn more about who we are as staff.

  • Week of September 24, 2017

    Pictured:  One our favourite families ever, the Des Roches', share a high 5 on the trampoline at our end of summer staff BBQ!

    Camp: We are thankful for the interest that's already being shown for the 2018 internship, and that the website and application are all live now. Thanks, God, for the vision and logistics moving forward on this endeavour. All the information about the internship can be found here:

    Coopers: "I'm thankful for the warm sun and for being able to catch up on facilities stuff." -Bobby. "Grateful for a successful first youth group! 19 kids! Can't wait to see where it goes from here!" - Lyn

    Broughtons: "I'm thankful for friends who came to my little surprise birthday party, and still invested time to help us move! It's really making the task seem manageable now." -Derek

    Bosches: "We are so blessed by our church family! This Sunday was such a powerful time of worshipping from the depths of our hearts, sharing from our souls, breaking bread together and sharing in laughter. We feel honoured to do life with this beautiful diverse family." -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm so thankful for these warm fall days, and for new routines and opportunities that make me excited for things to come!" -Lauren

  • Week of September 17, 2017

    Pictured: We had some exciting visitors at the camp the other day! The Heli Ambulance made an emergency landing on our field (don't worry, everyone was okay!) and gave us a tour of their helicopter! 

    Camp: We are so thankful for all the hard work that Ken and Daniel have put in over the past number of weeks, as well as their personalities that add so much to this place! We will miss them until they return!

    Coopers: "I'm thankful for neighbours who bring me garden veggies! And being able to eat fruit off the camp trees! So yummy." -Lyn

    "Thankful for friends and supporters I've been able to connect with back in Alberta. So encouraging to have their prayer and support for our camp and family." -Bobby

    Broughtons: "I'm sooo thankful to be moving into our new space and making it home!" -Sarah

    "I'm thankful for baby dances. The head bob, the booty bounce, and the hands in the air (like he just don't care) are some of my favourites! Thanks, God, for giving Ezra rhythm and making him SO entertaining." -Derek

    Bosches"So thankful Pender has such an amazing clinic with amazing doctors. Many days there are major traumas being averted behind the scenes! We're so blessed on a small island to have such an amazing set up." -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm so grateful for our church camping getaway last weekend and for time to gather, eat together, play music, pray, and just build just deep community. Also thankful for the coming of fall, the promise of a new season, and warm soups and cozy sweaters." -Lauren

  • Week of September 3, 2017

    Pictured: Carlos and Danijel were able to record a song that they wrote together this summer, thanks to the help of resident music guru Mat Des Roches! The creativity that our staff showed this summer was really inspiring!

    Camp: Thankful for a great summer season. We saw growth in numbers, but more importantly lives changed right before our eyes. That is so powerful and rewarding! 

    Coopers: "So thankful for Lyn and the girls' patience over a busy summer and being a key part of hosting so many Pender kids this summer at Hope Bay!" -Bobby

    "Thankful for this new season...with the kids back in school and camp wrapped up, I have some time to plan and organize and get my house back together after a busy summer!" - Lyn

    Broughtons: "So thankful and blessed to celebrate three years of marriage with my amazing wife. It actually keeps getting better and better!" -Derek

    "I'm thankful for the safe arrival of a friend's very early baby. So glad that God kept them both safe." -Sarah

    Bosches: "So grateful for roadtrips and deep friendships. We feel so blessed to be able to visit the Braman family and bring gifts of love from Pender! So special!" -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm feeling so grateful for the shift of the seasons, and the new opportunities and possibilities of what this next fall season has to offer." -Lauren

  • Week of August 27, 2017

    Pictured: Nadia and Katie give a high-five from their thrones in a throwback to when the toilets were being installed in the new washhouse.  Ken is back on site again, and continues to make progress on the building!

    Camp: It's great to have Ken Lea back, both for his company and for the way he quietly and subtly fixes a million things around here!

    Coopers: Thankful for holidays, beautiful places, warmer ocean water to swim in, fresh fish to eat, and an adventurous family!

    Broughtons: "It's really good to have some down time and family time.  So good to get to be more involved as a husband and father again after the busy summer, and to watch all the new things Ezra is learning to do and to say as he crosses the benchmark of one year!" -Derek

    Bosches: We're so grateful for some time together to connect and step away from our intense house-building for a week! So thankful that places like Hornby Island exist!!!

    Szoges: "I'm grateful for a few days of retreat to sleep under the stars, spend time in prayer and thought, and decompress. Thankful for all the ways God provides and the people he brings so intentionally into our lives." -Lauren

  • Week of August 20, 2017

    Pictured: Hannah gives one of her discipleship campers a high 5 on the boat while the DC Girls were out tubing on their last day of camp! 

    Camp: We're so thankful for such a wonderful end to the summer with an amazing group of staff. Our last week of camp was Family Camp with nine inner city families, and the whole week was such a beautiful picture of love, community, and how Jesus changes everything. What a great way to end an amazing 2017 camp season!

    Coopers: "It's been fun to eat meals together as a family and enjoy the calm before school starts. Glad my kids have great friends here on Pender to soften the sadness of summer staff leaving." -Bobby

    Broughtons:  "Really great to have Sarah's whole family here this week including a surprise visit by her uncle from Ontario! We were blessed to be able to host them here at camp where there's space for the kids to run around and beautiful beaches to play." -Derek

    Bosches: "We're so grateful that Danny has next week off and that we live on such a breathtakingly beautiful island! Next week we're excited to explore Hornby and Denman for the first time!" -Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm so grateful for some time to get away for a bit and reconnect with my cousins and extended family. And for a visit with my mom which is always so much fun!" -Lauren

  • Week of August 13, 2017

    Pictured: Carlos and Daniel Pigeion give each other a high 5 while jumping off the cliffs at Roesland during some of our Staff Final E events on the last weekend of camp.

    Camp: We're so thankful for an incredible team. For our senior staff spouses who have "shared" their families. For summer staff who changed the world this summer. For supporters who give to this ministry so we can share the gospel and witness lives changed tangibly by the work of God's spirit. Such a privilege and the kingdom rewards are worth it!

    Coopers: "Watching people's spiritual growth over the years...friends who come without "conditions"...hearing good stories about what God is doing..." -Lyn

    Broughtons: "The smell of the ocean while picking blackberries. :)" -Sarah

    "Hearing each of the staff get piled on with words of affirmation at our Encouragement Circles over the weekend. So many good things spoken about all these good people, to which I say "amen" over and over in my heart." -Derek

    Bosches: "So thankful I get to work with a special needs young woman and bring her around camp to get loved on. Everyone is so kind to her and the love and joy she expresses when she's on camp property fills my heart with so much joy!" -Chanda

    Szoges: "So thankful for such a fun, exhausting, fulfilling end to an amazing camp season. And for all the girls on staff who invited me to a sleepover in their cabin the last few nights!" -Lauren

  • Week of August 6, 2017

    Pictured: Two of our summer staff, Selah and Carlos, came up with a pretty awesome secret handshake that included a double high 5! We're so proud of our staff who have become a tight-knit team this summer and have displayed excellence in working with the campers and helping with projects!

    Camp: We're grateful for our extra staff who came from Varsity Bible Church in Calgary! Also thankful that Rachel will be back on the Program Team for this upcoming final week. She did an amazing job with our DC's, but was dearly missed for Program.

    Coopers: "Thankful Jerry and Renee came to cook for these last two weeks of camp!" -Lyn

    Broughtons: "Ezra is learning something new every day! Climbing stairs, waving, high's fun to see it all come so quickly!" -Sarah

    Bosches: "Thankful for super cheap seat sales to visit best friends! And thankful for all those tirelessly fighting fires right now!" -Chanda

    Szoges:  "I'm thankful for the preteen campers who came last week...I got to go cliff jumping with one of the girl's cabins and these brave 10-12 year olds helped me overcome my fear of heights and encouraged me to jump. We all had so much fun!" -Lauren

  • Week of July 30, 2017

    Pictured: Sherry and Kasey are some of the amazing volunteers we've had working in the kitchen this summer. It's been a team effort, and we are so grateful to everyone who has taken time to lend a hand and feed the staff and campers healthy and nourishing meals!

    Camp: We're grateful for those residents on Pender that are gracious and patient with us running our camps and walking the roads and sharing the beaches.

    Coopers: "So thankful for Lyn and Sher cooking this week. Couldn't have done it without them!" -Bobby

    Broughtons: "The grilled cheese that Sher just made me!" -Sarah

    "I'm thankful for all of the neat milestones that Ezra is showing. It seems like every day he's showing me something new he can accomplish!" -Derek

    Bosches: "Thankful for visiting friends that give you an excuse to get off work early and go snorkelling and beach-combing for the afternoon." - Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm grateful for the couple shows I got to play this summer and new connections I was able to make, but also so grateful to come home and be back at the camp and in a regular(ish) routine!" - Lauren.

  • Week of July 23, 2017

    Pictured: The boys high-5 while tubing during Staff Retreat! We love having a week in the middle of the summer where we get to intentionally pour into our staff and spend some quality time with them. 

    Camp: We are so thankful for Lyn and all the volunteers who have helped us get through the first half of the summer managing the kitchen and food! Such a blessing. And thanks to Bob Opperman for speaking at our staff retreat. 

    Coopers: "The reminder this week to be 'present and curious'..." - Lyn. 

    "Thankful for moments of rest to see my girls in the summer craziness." - Bob

    Broughtons: "Ezra's big boy haircut. :) And so many apples on the Cooper's trees (thanks Varsity)!!" - Sarah

    Bosches: "Thankful for creative work with other believers. We've been in Vic working on a beautiful timberframe pergola for an incredible family. We stayed at their place, they fed us and hired Danny for soul filling work! Such an incredible gift to us!" - Chanda

    Szoges: "I'm thankful for Westjet employees who don't charge me extra for my heavy keyboard, and for Sarah who is such a champ for doing registration while I'm gone! I'm continually blessed by all the amazing people in my life." - Lauren

Prayer Needs

We're thankful for your interest in this ministry, and your desire to pray for our needs!

Like us on Facebook, where we'll post urgent prayer requests.

We would love your continued prayers for:

  • Campers - That our camps would fill up with many children from this region, to hear the Good News of Jesus.
  • Summer Staff - That God would provide all of the quality people we need to pour into our campers.
  • Ongoing Projects - such as the New Washhouse that we're building this Spring.
  • Year-Round Ministries - like the Church At Hope Bay and community involvement, as well as the Student Internship and Youth Group that we're striving to (re)start in September.
  • Full-Time / Year-Round Staff - including our workloads, missionary support, families, and spiritual/physical/emotional health.
  • Finances - That He would provide all that we need.  It takes a lot of resources to run this ministry.

We'd be blessed if you contact us to get an update and let us know that you're praying for us!