Join the team and make a lasting impact on kids!

Our staff volunteers are the heart and soul of this ministry.  Without them, we would not be able to function.  There are so many ways you can get involved to connect kids to Christ here at Hope Bay Bible Camp.  Would you prayerfully consider how you might be a blessing here?

Staff applications for Summer 2018 will be live in the new year.

See below for more info about what it looks like to serve here!

Why Be a Camp Staff volunteer?

"Isn't working at Camp just playing around all summer?!"

Time and time again, we are asked some version of this: "How does being at camp all summer contribute to a person's goals?"  Often parents want their teenager or young adult to get a "real job" to be ready for "the real world".  Sometimes young people are interested in "getting ahead" as they prepare for a long-term career.

We believe that camp-work can prepare a person for life far better than most other short-term employment, while simultaneously building into so many other people!

Being on Camp staff provides...


-Spiritual guidance

-Role Modeling

-Exposure to the outdoors

-Physical Activity

-Positive relationships

-Lasting memories

-Great example of the love of Christ

-Leading people to salvation (evangelism)

-Leading people in a deeper faith (discipleship)

AND it is possibly the ONLY positive influence in a child's life!

Being on Camp staff provides...


-Something bigger than yourself


-Self Awareness


-Strong work ethic

-Volunteer ideology

-Volunteer hours (HS students)

-Servant heart

-A Variety of life skills:

  • childcare
  • camp skills (Eg. Archery, Canoeing, etc.)
  • teaching
  • spiritual development and depth
  • interpersonal skills
  • authority and co-workers
  • teamwork
  • non-tech lifestyle
  • physical activity

We truly believe in the amazing impact of camp ministry for the workers and for the campers, and would be happy to talk with you about these and other ways that working here can build into you.  

Get in touch with us!


Hiring Process

We're so excited that you want to be a part of HBBC this summer.  We're not scary people, and are committed to work with you through the application and hiring process.

To ensure that we have the best leaders for the children in our care, every staff applicant goes through the following recruitment process:

  1. Complete the appropriate Staff Application Form, and submit it to HBBC.
  2. Distribute the appropriate Reference Forms to your adult, non-family references.
  3. Have your RCMP Criminal Record Check completed at your local detachment. 
  4. Our Leadership Staff will contact you to have an interview with you (in-person or by phone).
  5. After reviewing everything, our Leadership Staff will contact you if you are accepted, and give you the next steps as you prepare for service this summer.

+ + +

Preparation & Training

'In Safe Hands' is the child protection policies set out by One Hope Canada.  Upon being accepted, staff volunteers will be asked to complete a short online course in preparation for the summer of interacting with children and youth.

Summer staff volunteers then join the team in late June, and spend more than a week training and learning the ropes of this unique ministry at Hope Bay.  

You learn valuable skills and techniques related to your field of ministry here at Camp.  You'll enjoy team challenges, awesome games, out-trips around Pender Island, and in-depth Bible study. 

Most importantly, you are prepared for the summer, embraced into the family, and share your own creativity and journey.  

We are a community that  encourages and empowers one another. 

It is our joy and our conviction to invest in our staff through sincere mentorship and genuine relationship. 

+ + +


We know you're hard-working, and have sacrificed a lot to work at Camp this summer.  We want to help you make the most of your time here, and still earn the funds you need for the autumn.  Summer staff are considered 'volunteers' in most cases, but we still have a couple of great ways for you to finance your season here and beyond:

1. S.M.A.P.

You can apply for the 'Summer Missionary Assistance Program' from One Hope Canada.  This puts tools in your hand to inform your friends and family of your upcoming summer work as a short-term missionary, and ask them to support you through prayer, encouragement, and finances.  

All of the funds that you raise will be processed by One Hope Canada, and be directed your way as payroll.



The Staff Bursary Fund is a pool of finances to which anyone can donate.  It is managed by HBBC, and at the end of the summer it is divided up and given as a bursary to each qualifying summer staff member.  

We encourage community members and friends all across the country to give generously to this fund, because we know the value of your service here.  

+ + +

Duration of Service

Hiring preference is given to those who can commit to all/most of the summer.  

Often volunteers ask how long they can (or need to) serve in the summer.

The short answer is "as long as you can!"

The longer answer is that we have some staff who serve for the entire summer, and we have staff who can only serve for one week.  Both are incredibly valuable to this ministry, and we're so thankful for any amount of time that you're willing to serve Christ in this capacity.  The more weeks you can give, the more experience and training you'll gain to do your job better, and the greater your impact on children and youth.  Therefore, it is our preference to have individuals who will be here for the entire summer, and we choose our staff with this preference in the forefront of our minds.

We ask that all summer staff who will be here for two or more weeks to please make a strong effort to attend the Staff Training week at the end of June.

+ + +


As we are situated on an island, going 'home' between camp-weeks is pretty tricky.  Most of our staff choose to stay on-island over the weekends to enjoy some peace and quiet, as well as the lovely offerings of Pender, such as the weekly farmer's market, the local thrift store, and the many beautiful beaches.  This year we're making efforts to find off-site families (billets) who can provide a change of scenery for staff on weekends.  This gives you the chance to rest up and be ready for another intense week of serving kids and teens.

Those who need to leave the island for a weekend can easily make prior arrangements with the ministry director.

+ + +

More Questions?

Contact us to learn more about what it looks like to serve here at HBBC!